one-to-one is all it takes…


My morning began with a boy. A boy with a reputation for being bad – never doing a thing. Everyone fed up with him. Sad…but true. The thing is, I really like the kid. He’s funny and smart. No one knows how to reach him. That is no one but me. They always send me the tough cases. I feel honored that he and I are able to chat. He’s curious about the world, inquisitive. One-to-one he’s alright.

Today our task was to create a poem. “I am From…”. Knowing his history and his life, I could only imagine where this journey would take us. Doors could be opened. Was I sure I wanted in?

Probing questions withdrew him off his guarded wall. A smile crept in the slightest corner. He loved the one-to-one attention. Stories of his childhood began. His list slid down the page through dictation. A plan of action devised. Soon, I handed him my tablet and he came to life – sharing more. We pulled up a blank page to type.

I am from scars
stitches and wounds
from memories hard bound across my body….

Before I knew what was happening, his words trembled across the screen. Emotion filled eyes, shaded by my smile, watched. It was as if the whole world melted away for us. In that time, he shared himself — a rare, real moment.

See all kids are teachable. The sad part, I realized, is that he can not have one-to-one everyday – though it’s his one need.


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