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Once Upon a Time


Wish I thought of it!



Once upon a time, it was a dark and stormy night.

A tall, dark, and handsome knight was bored out of his mind.

Far, far away, a damsel was in distress.

The knight woke up and smelled the coffee.

The time had come to cut to the chase.

So he put the pedal to the metal.

He went the whole nine yards.

Then he went the extra mile.

He was careful not to burn any bridges along the way.

But he did break a leg.

It was nothing to sneeze at.

He took two cookies and saw the doctor in the morning.

Then he felt snug as a bug in a rug.

He turned nutty as a fruitcake and barked like a dog.

Unfortunately, he was barking up the wrong tree.

Fortunately, he had an ace up his sleeve.

Until he lost his shirt.

So he followed his nose.


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WEB 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Standard –
According to the Mindomo website, this is a great tool that can move our students into 21st Century Learning. “21st century educators and learners need to be properly equipped to face the challenges of information overload with mind mapping. This powerful educational tool helps students to develop into an effective critical thinker, a creative problem solver and a collaborative learner.” Ideally this is what we would like to accomplish with the move to Common Core State Standards.

Students can access the site for free to create mind maps, complete tasks assigned by the teacher and respond to others. This is a great tool for kinesthetic, tactile, and visual learners to understand and learn new concepts, identify key concepts easily, evaluate concepts and ideas, and improve problem solving.

The only cons I see are the mind-mapping part can be a bit frustrating at first. The students will need this modeled by the teacher.

This web 2.0 tool could be used in the ELA block to combine reading and writing. It could also be used to support close-reading modules.

Below is a link to a sample project I created.

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Things Every New Teacher Should Know


Mentoring new teachers is a rewarding task.

marvelous teacher musings

Looking back at my first day of teaching, I have to think, oh, little naïve one, so full of ideas and hopes. How dashed you will be when you realize that teaching isn’t always the makings of a movie script. I pat my own head in my mind.


If I were to offer new teacher any advice, it would be as follows:

1) Running your own classroom is nothing like what you see in the movies.Students are not going to file in your room, stand upon their desks and utter ‘Oh Captain, My Captain!’ ala ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ style.  After a month, they are not going to play your Opus, Mr. Holland. You might be lucky if you get a ‘To Sir, With Love’ mug at the end of the year. These movies and all those about teaching such as ‘Dangerous Minds’ and ‘Stand and Deliver’ are fantastic and uplifting. They…

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A NEW SCHOOL YEAR…starts with a smile

Smile 12 a

Smile 12 a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each and every year begins with me smiling. I am ready to share and be innovative. I want to incorporate technology and inspire teachers. But then it happens, same as every year, the nay-sayers, the negativity and the inability for some to embrace change crush my aspirations. It really just sucks. Why are there not a world full of teachers like me?

This year will be different. Our school Media Specialist can be a partner in change. I secretly enlisted a few others. I will do it I swear! Watch out my fellow teachers.